Learn & Talk offers a wide range of ESL programs for students from multiple backgrounds and varying needs. Learn & Talk ESL programs help students to learn & practice English Language Skills in a fun and supportive environment.


Beginners ESL Program (Level 1 – Level 4)

This program is suitable for students who would like to start their linguistic journey from scratch. Students will learn vocabulary, grammar and necessary conversation skills in this program. This program also includes basic writing and reading skills activities.

Intermediate Skills ESL Program (Level 4 – Level 6)

This course helps students to improve and build their linguistic skills. Students learn to develop a higher level of communication skills with the help of challenging and engaging classroom activities.


Advanced Level & Business English Program (Level 6 onwards)

Advanced Level & Business English Course offers an advanced level of  English language training. Students enjoy a more challenging and entertaining program structure. This course helps students to develop professional skills.

What will you get?

  • Daily classroom activities & games
  • Conversation exercises
  • Practical lessons and practice material
  • Access to digital material
  • Reading & writing skills lesson
  • Professional communication skills workshops