Customized French Classes Just for You!


Learn and Talk provides comprehensive French language classes tailored to meet your learning goals. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your skills for academic or professional purposes, our courses are designed to accommodate all proficiency levels.

Our experienced instructors focus on practical language skills, ensuring that you can confidently communicate in French. Our curriculum covers grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading, and writing, providing a well-rounded language learning experience.

We also offer preparation courses for the TEF Canada (Test d’évaluation de français) and TCF Canada (Test de connaissance du français) exams. These courses are specifically designed to help you achieve the scores you need for immigration or academic purposes. 

Class Schedule :

    Monday to Friday:
  • 10:30 am – 1:30 pm
  • 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
  • 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

A special class schedule is available for Saturday!

Call +1 587-719-1786  for more information.

We Offer French Classes For All Levels


Master French with our classes for all levels. From beginners to advanced learners, our courses cater to your language goals. 

Beginner Classes

Our beginner classes provide a solid introduction to the French language, focusing on basic vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. You’ll develop a strong foundation to build upon as you progress. 

Intermediate Classes

For those with a basic understanding of French, our intermediate classes offer a perfect opportunity to expand your skills. You’ll tackle more complex grammar concepts, enhance your vocabulary, and engage in conversations to improve fluency. 

Expert Classes

Designed for advanced learners, our expert classes delve into nuanced grammar rules, advanced vocabulary, and refined language skills. You’ll refine your speaking and writing abilities to achieve a high level of proficiency.

Led by experienced instructors, our classes ensure that you progress steadily towards your language goals. Join us and unlock the doors to French fluency! 

Flexible Learning Options


We offer flexible learning options to suit your preferences and lifestyle. Choose between online and face-to-face classes and embark on your French learning journey with convenience and flexibility. 

Online Classes

Experience the convenience of learning French from the comfort of your own home with our online classes. Our virtual classroom provides interactive lessons led by experienced instructors, allowing you to participate in real-time discussions, activities, and exercises. With flexible scheduling options, you can easily fit your French lessons into your busy schedule. All you need is a stable internet connection and a device, and you’re ready to start learning!

Face-to-Face Classes in Calgary
Prefer a more traditional approach to learning? Join us for face-to-face classes at our convenient location in Calgary. Immerse yourself in a supportive learning environment where you can interact with fellow classmates and receive personalized instruction from our experienced teachers. With small class sizes, you’ll have ample opportunities to practice your French speaking and listening skills in a comfortable setting. Whether you choose online or face-to-face classes, you’ll receive the same high-quality instruction and comprehensive curriculum designed to help you achieve your language learning goals. 

Why Choose Learn and Talk for Your French Classes?


At Learn and Talk, we offer a range of benefits that make us the ideal choice for your French learning journey: 

Tailored Learning Experience

Our classes are customized to your proficiency level and learning goals, ensuring that you receive personalized attention and guidance.  

Experienced Instructors

Learn from highly qualified and experienced instructors who are dedicated to helping you achieve your language learning objectives. 

Interactive and Engaging Classes  

Our classes are designed to be interactive and engaging, making the learning process enjoyable and effective. 

Comprehensive Curriculum 

Our curriculum covers all aspects of language learning, including grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading, and writing, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience. 

Exam Preparation Courses

Prepare for the TEF Canada and TCF Canada exams with our specialized courses that focus on exam-specific skills and strategies. 

Flexible Scheduling Options 

Choose from a range of class timings to fit your schedule, allowing you to learn French at your own pace.

Join Learn and Talk today and take the first step towards mastering the French language!

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