ESL Courses Calgary

ESL Courses Calgary offers the benefits of visual aids making their lectures interactive and interesting for students. The main objective of adding visual material in their ESL classes is to facilitate easy learning. 

Studies suggest that the human mind stores concepts better while learning through video and images. Video lessons promote easy communication of the key concepts which engage learners till the end of the course. 

Learn & Talk is the only center in Calgary that has incorporated video material replacing traditional teaching methods, especially for English as a Second Language (ESL) training sessions. Connect with us to grab better future opportunities by learning ESL. This article explains 5 different advantages that student gets through videos in ESL classes.

ESL Courses Calgary

1. Retain Information For Long

Today learning ESL concepts through videos helps students store information in their minds longer. Video is more engaging and interactive offering you different learning styles and preferences. While focusing on ESL videos students activate two sensory channels: listening and viewing. 

This supports learners to grab every small concept and terminology. The concepts of vocabulary stay for a long time in the human mind when learned from videos in place of textual definitions and explanations. 

2. Empowers Flexibility

Enhancing skills in ESL through video lessons empowers flexibility. Center teaching through videos allows students to download visual material from their official website or portal. With this facility, students don’t feel bound by geographic hustles as they can learn by sitting at their homes. 

A student with a stable internet connection gets freedom of movement. They can download videos anytime when they want to recall or miss some concepts while attending ESL class. 

3. Effective Learning

Learning through video raises effectiveness. Watching ESL concept videos is more efficient than learning through text written on the class board. While watching the video students get the freedom to stop, pause and rewind the video anytime if they do not understand anything. 

This practice helps them to have a better understanding of the concept. Effective learning improves their learning retention and performance in exams. 

4. Exposure To Unfamiliar Accents & Pronunciation

Attending video lessons of ESL classes allows students to experience truly authentic learning. It benefits in enhancing skills to understand unfamiliar accents other than regular teacher voice. How is this helpful? Well, students regularly attending classes begin to understand their teacher’s voice better than other English speakers. 

They get used to their teacher’s voice. That is why when students watch video narratives in someone else’s voice it allows them to train their minds and ears with different accents and voices. 

5. Drive Motivation

Graphics and Animation used in ESL course videos decrease the struggle of students who often find themselves disconnected from lectures. Students who find lectures uninteresting get motivated to put required effort when they learn through engaging videos. 

Interesting infographics and captivating images end the boredom and motivate them to learn concepts completely. 

Final Words!

The integration of videos into ESL classrooms offers multifaceted benefits that enhance the overall learning experience. By harnessing the power of visual learning, ESL Courses Calgary are creating dynamic and engaging educational environments for students.